We are not afraid of death, but the thought of it


Auxilium Association organizes and supports the everyday work of the Non-Public Palliative Care Unit in NYSA. Orginal it was called (auxilium - help, support); currently its full name is Auxilium Hospice Society in Nysa. The association is open for everyone: working people and pensioners. It groups different people like: doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, economists, technicians etc. These people have experienced cancer, directly or indirectly. The feature they all share is common understanding of the palliative idea and worry about the existence of the Hospice.


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Auxilium Association in Nysa looks for the ways of supporting and development of the Hospice. Apart from the fact that the Hospice has been financed from the money guaranteed by the National Health Fund, the means are insufficient. Thus, one must keep on searching for funds. The money has been collected in accordance with the charter of the association. It comes from different sources like: different public collections, lotteries, charity concerts, auctions and others. The association also looks forward to donations from various institutions both private and state owned.


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Sometimes the association is lucky to get medical equipment and other necessary things for the comfort of the patients in the Hospice. Individual donors are also welcome. It is a common fact that individual benefactors may also contribute greatly as well. This form of support is seriously appreciated. Everybody will have to finish their life one day - may it be a painless death, in the presence of the family and close friends and in accordance with God and people. Many people pray for such calm and good death (if death can be good!). Such peaceful death should be experienced by all people, particularly by those who are down with cancer. And such things have happened many times in the Hospice so far.

That is why, Auxilium Association would like you to join the group of benefactors of the Hospice. Every penny counts :

"AUXILIUM Hospice Society in Nysa Nr 20 1020 3714 0000 4202 0096 1912 " On 17th March 2004 we were officially given status of the organization of public benefit and that is why we are formally allowed to accept donations.

Stowarzyszenie Auxilium "Hospicjum Św. Arnolda Janssena w Nysie" | ul. Sienkiewicza 7B, 48-304 NYSA Organizacja Pożytku Publicznego, KRS 0000032522 | Telefon: (0-77) 435 89 67 | Tel./ faks: (0-77) 433 73 55 e-mail: hospicjum_auxilium@poczta.onet.pl | KONTO: 20 1020 3714 0000 4202 0096 1912 .